News Good News From cheeky koalas to chip-driven science: Here are our picks for top videos of the week

From cheeky koalas to chip-driven science: Here are our picks for top videos of the week

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Hello and welcome to another edition of The New Daily‘s top videos, from another heck of a week.

We’ve reported the build-up to another climate summit, a royal health scare and a corruption inquiry.

All on top of record COVID numbers as lockdowns end – a bittersweet combination.

But there’s always something to smile about, that’s why we’ve put together some of our favourite videos from the week gone by.

Did we mention readers can get involved too?

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Dog ‘elevator’

Need a lift? The chihuahua breed is not known for its amiability, but this pup is taking spoilt to the next level. She prefers not to be picked up, so her TikTok-ing owner has come up with a creative solution.


She’s so spoiled😂

♬ original sound – ✨Madi✨

Seagull science

A pair of Aussie larrikans, known as Marty and Michael, have made headlines this week with their latest comedy stunt. The duo claims being buried and covered in chippies was all part of an elaborate experiment yet to be revealed. Whatever the science, we can hear these seagulls screaming “mine!”


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Rood interruption

Amateur golfer Wendy Powick was teeing up to take a swing this week, when a crowd of kangaroos swarmed the green.

We can’t tell if they are supporters preparing to quiet golf clap (a challenge with those short arms) or just being a nuisance.

Either way, Powick found the situation hilarious.


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Baby koala

This clip had us wondering if koalas also go through the “terrible twos”.

A naughty little koala is clearly causing trouble for its mum and wants to delay getting caught.

But our favourite part is the very relatable ending.

Turtle Rescue

Youngbloods are a group of young Aussie blokes who quit their jobs to make coastal adventure videos.

A scroll through their Instagram is a tonic for beach lovers everywhere, but the turtle rescue posted this week stood out from the rest.

Onya, Josh

We were incredibly moved and inspired this week when Adelaide United midfielder Josh Cavallo announced he is gay on social media.

Cavallo is the first Australian male athlete to come out as gay while actively playing since rugby league player Ian Roberts in 1995.

“All I wanna do is play football and be treated equally,” he said.

Warning, this video is definitely a tearjerker.

Buzz is back

It’s been 26 years since we met space aficionado Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s Toy Story.

All these years later, Buzz will return to the silver screen for his own origin story, Lightyear.

The space hero gets a new voice in this flick, none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

And with the suggestion that Buzz’s nemesis, Zorg, will appear in this prequel, take us to 2022 and beyond!

‘Deadly’ designs

Talented Indigenous artist Brooke Sutton has given a colourful twist to these Queensland cop cars, along with her sister and kids from the Wadja Wadja High School in Woorabinda.

If you ask us, we reckon all cars should look this stunning!

Tiger King 2

Oh boy.

Tiger King 2 promises to be as wild as it is dangerously watchable. Finding anyone who will admit this trailer has them hook, line and sinker might be almost as rare as the animals Joe Exotic has been jailed for exploiting.

But with more murder plots, “deals with the devil” and claims to be richer than the man upstairs – it’s a guilty pleasure to sink the teeth into.

The dinosaur gets it

The United Nations has released a series of adverts leading up the Glasgow climate summit, and this was a real sucker punch.

A special guest T-Rex compares governments who subsidise fossil fuels (*ahem* Australia) to a world where dinosaurs funded “giant meteors”.

“Don’t choose extinction,” the T-Rex advises.

The humanitarian ideas about helping the poor did strike us a little rich for an infamous carnivore – but we’ll let that one slide.

Bonus video: Friend for life

OK, OK, this may not be a new, fresh video, but we had to pay tribute to our favourite Friends cast member James Michael Tyler (AKA Gunther) who sadly passed away this week after a battle with cancer.

Co-star Jennifer Aniston posted this clip from the show in his honour and … BRB, we’re grabbing tissues.

Rest in peace, James.