News Good News Huge hailstones and a hair-brained stunt: Don’t miss our top videos of the week

Huge hailstones and a hair-brained stunt: Don’t miss our top videos of the week

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From treacherous storms up and down Australia’s east coast to net-zero quarrels, boy, has it been another big week.

Not to worry! The New Daily has once again compiled its favourite videos of the week and they will leave you in awe – maybe even give you a giggle!

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‘I’m gonna have some dents in my car after this’

Storms in parts of Queensland earlier this week were as mystifying as they were terrifying. With hailstones up to 16 centimetres wide  smashing to the ground for a new national record. One bewildered motorist was able to capture the wild scenes on camera as gigantic chunks of ice hurtled towards cars – and their windscreens. Yikes!

Not another volcanic eruption?

Japan’s southern island of Kyushu is the latest location to witness an incredible – and frightening – volcanic eruption. In addition to the Spanish island of La Palma last month and, more recently, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, Mount Aso unleashed its fury on Wednesday, shooting toxic fumes and ash kilometres into the air. This video captures the clouds of smoke billowing through the air and edging closer to the camera. It’s a mesmerising sight, but you wouldn’t want to get too close!


Do not try at home!

Comedian Celeste Barber really can do no wrong in our eyes. Celeste blessed us earlier this week with her take on a bizarre performance by dancer Marion Crampe – suspended by her ponytail. Ooft, we don’t want to think of the potential migraines caused by this video.


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263 days later…

Melbourne, you finally did it! After snagging back the title of world’s longest lockdown from Buenos Aires, Argentina, it really is time to celebrate. The clock striking 11.59pm on Thursday 21 October marked the end of Melbourne’s sixth and ‘final’ lockdown. Cheers could be heard across the Melbourne CBD as the clock ticked over, and what a beautiful sound. To our readers in Melbourne, we hope you grab your beverage of choice this weekend and enjoy life out of lockdown. You deserve it!

Delivering the reality TV cliffhanger

Australia’s first bisexual Bachelorette, Brooke Blurton, is an absolute triumph. Some Twitter fans this week have expressed a preference for her female guests, but Darvid, her “Persian Prince”, is pretty cute too. This cliffside date had us wondering if Brooke could please spare a rose for the handsome delivery guy in the tux.



We love you back, Emma

Emma Watkins made history as the first female Wiggle, breaking up the longtime sausagefest that was the original band. After pairing the yellow skivvy with a now-iconic bow, Emma has announced she will be leaving the band. Her replacement, Tsehey Hawkins, is just 15 years old and we’re sure she’ll do a great job.

What a legend

Imagine performing a John Legend song in the street and looking up to see the man himself swaying along. That’s what happened to Radha Rao in Boston this week. Legend just happened to be in the area and stopped to listen to the 22-year-old busker singing All of Me. He then gave her a tip – and a hug! An elated Rao told NBC10 Boston it was “bizarre” and she “just wanted to make the most of the moment”.


Not so fast

We know you would never plot an armed robbery, dear reader. But what an unlucky turn of events if the attempt were foiled by a veteran. No balaclava or super-fast getaway car can help when a bystander happens to be from the Marine Corps. Look how quickly he disarms the criminal –  heroic antics indeed. (PS: Don’t try either of these tricks at home).