Sport Racing How stupid can you get? Dimwit louts gallop down the straight at country race meeting

How stupid can you get? Dimwit louts gallop down the straight at country race meeting

The shirtless man runs down the track as the horses thunder into the main straight. Photo:
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The CEO of the Cranbourne Turf Club has called for two men to be banned from all Victorian racecourses after they ran onto the track during a race on Friday night.

Footage showed one of the men grappling on the track with a security guard, who apprehended him after he jumped the fence.

Another man joined the scuffle and pulled the security guard away, allowing the first individual to run the wrong way down the home straight, waving his top above his head.

However, as he ran down the track shirtless, the eight horses contesting the final race of the meeting tore round the final bend, running towards him at speeds approaching 60kph.

The man avoided being struck by the horses and jumped the fence with the assistance of a friend before both ran away.

Racetrack boss Neil Bainbridge told the ABC the actions were “unacceptable” and that the pair have “no place in racing”.

“We will be absolutely banning these individuals from Cranbourne Turf Club and requesting that Racing Victoria issue a ban from all courses,” Mr Bainbridge said, adding that Victoria Police had also been shown the footage.

“We absolutely condemn the actions of these individuals who put the safety of riders and horses at risk — both of which are of paramount importance to us.”

Mr Bainbridge said that instances of spectators entering the track are incredibly rare, confirming that the incident was not related to any form of protest.

“Fortunately it is a very, very rare incident,” Mr Bainbridge said, referencing the incursion of “serial pest” Peter Hore onto the track at Flemington as one high-profile example.

Mr Hore was banned for life from all racetracks after disrupting the 1997 Melbourne Cup.

Mr Bainbridge praised the security guard, who “put himself at risk” in an attempt to stop the man running on the track as the horses approached.

He also added that he would follow up with Victorian Jockeys’ Association chief executive Matt Hyland to ensure the welfare of the jockeys in the race and discuss their concerns.


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