News World US US Election Doggone! Wilbur the French bulldog wins US mayoral election

Doggone! Wilbur the French bulldog wins US mayoral election

Wilbur the French fulldog and new mayor of Rabbit Hash.
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The small town of Rabbit Hash in Kentucky has a new mayor.

Wilbur the French bulldog.

The race to become the leader of the town, situated on the Ohio River, was heated and drew its largest turnout ever in 2020.

But ultimately Wilbur took it out with 13,143 votes – unseating incumbent Mayor Brynneth Pawltro, a rescued pit bull who assumed office in 2017.

Overall, there were 22,985 votes tallied.

Jack Rabbit, the beagle, and Poppy, the golden retriever, came in second and third, making them both Rabbit Hash Ambassadors along with Ambassador Lady Stone, who will keep her position, officials with the Rabbit Hash Historical Society announced.

Ever since the 1990s, the Boone County has elected a dog mayor and every four years in Rabbit Hash, residents can “vote” for their favourite canine candidate by donating to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

Each vote costs $1.

Wilbur’s campaign raised a total of $6165.

The race raised a total of $13,156.

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