News State ACT News Jervis Bay to cash in on gay wedding tourism

Jervis Bay to cash in on gay wedding tourism

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Tourism Shoalhaven has come out in support of same sex couples marrying in Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast.

On Tuesday the ACT government passed a bill to legalise same sex marriage in the Territory.

Under the Commonwealth’s Jervis Bay Acceptance Act, laws created in the ACT apply in the Jervis Bay Territory, but the federal government can chose to revoke the law from the bay.

The Acting Manager of Tourism Shoalhaven, Joe Puglisi, says it’s an exciting outcome for the region.

“I think it is … a bit more publicity, a bit more promotion, a bit more whatever. Whether you agree or disagree with it, it’s all good talking and discussion matter which results in publicity, so we’ll make the most of it,” he said.

Mr Puglisi says the group will look at ways to promote gay marriage on their ‘South Coast Weddings’ website.

He says while a rainbow flag may not be hung in the main street, he’s confident the local community will be pleased to be making history.

“Look we’ll do whatever it takes to attract tourists to the Shoalhaven. They even wanted me to go around in fishnet stockings one weekend and promote, but we pulled out of that one at the last minute. But we’re happy to attract any sort of tourists to the Shoalhaven and that’s our charter and that’s what we’ll continue to do,” said Mr Puglisi.

The federal government is planning to challenge the law in the High Court.