News National Staying at home during coronavirus: Show us the mischief makers

Staying at home during coronavirus: Show us the mischief makers

Kids are at home. Adults are, too. We're all bored. What could go wrong? Photo: Getty
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We’ve all got a lot of more time on our hands now we’re staying at home.

And you know the saying about what happens to idle hands …

So if your little ones aren’t quite being the cherubs you’re sure they were pre-virus crisis, well, just take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Then take a photo.

We want to see what’s happening out there.

Share the story – and help other readers share a laugh.

  • Send a photo or video (and contact details so a reporter can follow up) showing the mischief of the little (or big) people in your home. Email:

Last week, readers showed us all the interesting ways they’re passing the time.

From kind messages on footpaths to designing virus-themed clothing and even combining exercise with art, there were some nifty ideas.

No doubt not everyone has been quite as productive.

Here, Hugo from Victoria was caught helping mummy and daddy ‘decorate’ their new house.

“Relatively proud of Hugo for his creativity in finding something to keep himself occupied,” his dad Tony wrote.

“But seriously? It’s like having a water fight during a drought.”

Victorian toddler Hugo was sprung using the precious toilet paper supplies for his amusement. Tell us what your kids have been up to.