News National Readers share how they stay sane at home during the coronavirus pandemic

Readers share how they stay sane at home during the coronavirus pandemic

Reader Suzy McKenna has created a coronavirus-themed beanie during isolation. Photo: Suzy McKenna
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Readers of The New Daily have proved that abiding by life-saving isolation rules does not have to be boring, unproductive or isolating.

Joy Graydon has used old bits of fabric to make rugs. Photo: Joy Graydon

Joy Graydon has gathered up all the unused bits of fabric she’s been collecting for years.

Rather than let them sit in a pile any longer, she’s taken advantage of the spare time she has under lockdown to transform them into DIY ‘rag rugs’.
“The final size of each (rug) will depend on when I run out of fabric or virus isolation ends,” Ms Graydon told The New Daily. 
Another family has also been getting crafty while preparing for Easter. Photo: Supplied
Adelaide woman Suzy McKenna has also tapped into her creative side by making coronavirus-themed crochet goods, including a stress ball and a beanie.
A coronavirus-themed stress ball. Photo: Suzy McKenna

Others, like Wayne Roberts from Hopetoun in Victoria, have turned their attention to tackling big projects, such as cleaning out and reorganising items in the garage and shed.

“I’ve turned a negative into a positive,” Mr Roberts wrote.

Hellmut Seifferth told The New Daily he has used the extra time at home to sort out “thousands” of photos on his computer and decorate garden pots in his backyard by planting succulents around the edges of them.

Hellmut Seifferth has tried decorative planting to pass the time. Photo: Hellmut Seifferth

While practising social distancing at home alone, Melbourne woman Carly Taylor, 38, decided she needed a friend to boost morale.

She has set up a cardboard cutout of actor Leonardo DiCaprio to keep her company.

Carly Taylor has found the funny side of social distancing. Photo: Carly Taylor

She said the cutout was leftover from a Great Gatsby-themed party she held last year.

Carly Taylor set up a cardboard cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio to keep her company. Photo: Carly Taylor

“Flat pack assembly self-isolation edition,” Ms Taylor joked.

“The instructions say it’s a two-person job. Thank goodness I have Leo.”

Meanwhile, full-time artist David Hinchliffe has looked for inventive ways to stay healthy at home.

He has had four exhibitions cancelled over the next six months in Hong Kong, New York, London and Sydney – as well as three cancelled workshops in France and Italy – due to worldwide travel restrictions and lockdowns.

He’s found a way to work out while also exercising his creative side – at the same time.

“I’m stuck in my studio, but I’ve worked out how to stay healthy and exercise and be creative as well,” Mr Hinchliffe told The New Daily. 

Artist David Hinchliffe isn’t letting social distancing get in the way of painting and exercise. Photo: David Hinchliffe