News Good News Ukrainians defuse bomb with bare hands in incredible act of bravery

Ukrainians defuse bomb with bare hands in incredible act of bravery

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The weekend is finally here – and with it, The New Daily’s weekly list of unmissable videos.

This week, watch on as two brave Ukrainians defuse a bomb with nothing but two hands and a bottle of water.

Plus, see Sydney Harbour as you’ve never seen it before, and don’t miss a peek at Taronga Zoo’s fluffy new arrivals.

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Tick, tick …

This is the latest video of remarkable bravery to emerge from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Most people would run in the other direction at the sight of an unexploded bomb.

However, in this video originally shared by the Ukrainian armed services, these two brave Ukrainian bomb experts took it in their hands to defuse a bomb from a fallen Russian fighter jet.

And when we say they took it in their hands, we mean literally. All it took was their bare hands and a bottle of water.

According to reports from the Ukrainian State Emergency Services, their team of pyrotechnic workers worked to clear 22 separate requests for defusing or demining on that day alone. Now those are some steady hands.

Water … over the bridge

It’s hard to comprehend just how high water levels rose during the floods in NSW and Queensland.

These time-lapses from Queensland show just how rapidly the deluge submerged entire regions – and just how much debris and damage is left behind.

Harbour turns brown

Following the floods, Sydney Harbour is far from its typical blue waters.

It’s an even more shocking sight from a bird’s-eye view.

Shatters like glass

In more weather news, this is what happens when you jump on a frozen trampoline.

@kdon_leeMy trampoline froze over 🥶😍♬ original sound – kdon_lee

What a ripper!

This sturgeon is apparently around 10-and-a-half feet long. Surprisingly, this fish is just above average for its species. Still, what a catch!




@yvesbissonsturgeonco One of the largest I’ve ever seen 🐟 #giant #fish #monster #sturgeon #unbelievable #lovetofish #fyp #fishwithyves #bucketlist #fraserriver #guidelife ♬ Forever – Labrinth

Taronga Zoo’s latest arrivals

A closer look at these two adorable red panda cubs has brightened up our week.

Taronga Zoo is yet to let us in on their names, but hopefully they do their cuteness justice.

‘Come on, Muffin!’

This dog owner almost forgot about her smaller pup while playing in the creek.

Luckily, Muffin the corgi managed to hang on and paddle her way to safety.


@failing_full_circle She’s fine #PNW #RuralLife #Corgi #corgisoftiktok #labradorretriever #SmallFarm #Creek #River #outdoors ♬ original sound – FailingFullCircle

Just keep rollin’

These spinning orangutans put on a show for their many onlookers.

We can only imagine how dizzy they must have been afterwards.

@pongo.stinky reject humanity, return to monke #sandiegozoo #orangutan ♬ original sound – NintendoNostalgia

A little to the left …

Turns out even whales love a pet and a scratch. Who knew!

@packslight whale dog kept following our boat for scratchies 😮 #bajacaliforniasur #whales #whalemigration ♬ eventually – 💟💟💟

Inches away from disaster

With this much luck, this New Yorker should consider buying a lottery ticket.


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