News Good News From balconies for dogs to incognito frogs, here are our top videos of the week

From balconies for dogs to incognito frogs, here are our top videos of the week

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Welcome to the weekend, dear reader, and what a week it has been.

We are sure you are just as tired as we are from endless pre-Christmas planning, shopping and commitments.

There have been plenty of Omicron updates and changing restrictions to keep our minds occupied, as well as tragic news that has rocked us all.

We hope this bunch of silly videos helps you crack a smile after a tumultuous week.

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This dog has its own balcony

In case you thought your pets were a little too spoilt, relax.

Unless you have modified your home to include a dedicated, tiny balcony for your furry or feathered family member – you’re in the clear in our books.

It is very extra and the music is giving us vertigo, but still cute.


#juju_the_dog #чужие #осень

♬ оригинальный звук – ПитбульГраф

Chihuahua snaps up a pair of Crocs

We’re not sure about Crocs in terms of fashionable footwear, but we love that they made a perfect bed for this tiny chihuahua.

We can also identify with sleeping at a friend’s place and being given a spot on the floor with no blanket – you learn to make do!


This is not what I thought they were gonna do to the croc at first 😳 🎥 ViralHog #ladbible #fyp #foryoupage #doggos #doggosoftiktok #chihuahualove

♬ original sound – LADbible

Zuckerberg testing his new apps

Instagram may technically be Mark Zuckerberg’s app, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he looks cool while using it.

Better luck next time, Mark!


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I’m doing it!

This heartwarming video made us feel warm and fuzzy this week.

The Twitter user said his grandson has a brain tumour and hydrocephalus (a build up of brain fluid) and it filled us with so much joy to see him take his first steps.

Tom Felton’s dog is his number one fan

We’d be ecstatic too if we saw Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy himself, walk in the front door.

Plus, from the look of Felton’s caption, it hadn’t even been that long since he had been home.

Still, his dog can barely contain her excitement!

We can’t wait to see more of Felton on New Year’s Day when the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary reunion special airs. 


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Coo-coo – I see you!

This cute little clip of tiny owls hanging out and bopping to an imaginary beat really takes the edge off a full-on week.

It is especially sweet when one of them finds the camera, it looks like she’s come to say hello!

That’s a hat trick

We were so impressed with this clever elephant’s comic routine we just had to share it with you.

Watch how she uses her trunk to pinch the tourist’s hat and pretends to eat it.

We laughed in sympathy when she said her sister had just given the hat to her as a gift – then again, it’s not a bad way to dispose of unwanted Christmas presents.

Nope, no thanks, no

Health ministers: They’re just like us.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath had a rude interruption to her press conference on Thursday morning when a huntsman began scaling her leg.

But the Queenslander knew how to keep her cool.

“I don’t like huntsmen but I’m gonna keep going, and I’m gonna pretend I don’t have a huntsman on me right now.”

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer John Gerrard helped Ms D’Ath locate the spider, and the press conference continued.

“We’ve got COVID and we’ve got huntsmen,” she exclaimed.

Shadow play

Here’s an art-form we definitely didn’t know existed – shadow art!

This clever artist draws what appears to be random scribbles on a page, but it all makes sense when they introduce an inanimate object and light.


Incognito frogs

If you look closely, this hand full of leaves is actually three Malayan leaf frogs.

They look so unique with their built-in camouflage.