News Good News From waddle-a-thons to bedtime fails: Our picks for the week’s top videos

From waddle-a-thons to bedtime fails: Our picks for the week’s top videos

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Hooray – it is once again the weekend!

There have been plenty of great clips that have made us chuckle throughout the week, so we’ve compiled them into a package for your viewing pleasure.

Grab your cosiest blanket, get comfortable and enjoy!

Have a video you would like us to include next week? Tag us on social media at #TNDVoW.

NY marathon waddler

Marathon runners truly come in all shapes and sizes.

This runner – or waddler – turned out to be a feathered little fellow with a skip in his step.

We loved watching the crowd cheer on this duck, aptly named ‘Seducktive’, during the New York marathon.


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Road Runner emus

We just couldn’t get enough of bird videos this week.

After all, bird is the word.

In this clip, a mob of emus took to the streets.

Make sure you watch ’til the end – those final two emus are giving Road Runner himself a, well, run for his money.

‘Bedtime fail’

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s COVID-19 update livestream was hilariously interrupted by her toddler daughter Neve this week – not once, but twice.

“Well that was a bedtime fail, wasn’t it?” Ms Ardern remarked.

“Does anyone else have kids that escape three or four times after bedtime?”

We guess even politicians struggle to get their kids to bed!


Polite protestors

In more New Zealand news, protesters took to the parliament building in Wellington, known as the Beehive, on Tuesday to protest vaccine mandates.

In a moment of rage, one protester shoved down a barricade blocking access to the building’s front steps.

But, in true Kiwi fashion, another protester promptly put the fence back up again.

“Because it’s not the States [US] – it’s New Zealand”, reporter Tova O’Brien said.

Bill Nye ties a tie

We love rhyming, that’s the only reason we included this clip.

No, of course that’s a joke. *pause for polite laughter*

We loved how Mr Nye weaved this little tidbit of fashion advice into his update about the climate – or tying knots – or is it the other way around?

This is one knot we haven’t managed to untangle.


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What a view

Consider us truly bitten by the travel bug.

Look at this view from the sky, gazing down on the incredible Great Barrier Reef.

‘Hello, boss? Yes we’d like to take a holiday please.’


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Billie’s latest collaboration

Based on his reaction to Big Bird getting the jab, it seemed like Ted Cruz was about to ask for directions to Sesame Street this week, and we were worried.

It was touch and go there for a moment, with the Texas Senator calling the stunt propaganda for five-year-olds.

Next thing we knew, Big Bird was running for Mr Cruz’s seat in Congress.

Check out the details here. 

We finally understand why the Count hasn’t been recruited as Big Bird’s finance manager – he’s too busy counting with the sensationally talented Billie Eilish.

Who has time for politics?


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Lady Gaga’s TikTok debut

The lady, the legend.

Lady Gaga has epitomised the phrase “making an entrance” with her TikTok debut this week.

She’s fashionably late to the platform, glammed up and absolutely fabulous.

“Father, son, and House of Gucci” – pray for the fans.


#HouseOfGucci 💜

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