News Good News Wing v beak: Drone deliveries disrupted by angry birds

Wing v beak: Drone deliveries disrupted by angry birds

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the bird interfering with the drone. Source: YouTube
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Territorial birds have caused an unlikely disruption in northern Canberra, with deliveries paused due to an altercation in the skies.

Drone delivery service Wing has called a hiatus on the suburb of Harrison, in the Gungahlin district, after ravens took offence to its airborne posties.

A video of a large bird attacking one of the drones was posted to YouTube on Wednesday, but has since been removed.

A spokesperson from Wing told The New Daily it was common for some birds to get territorial and swoop moving objects during nesting season, but contact with the creatures was “extremely rare”.

The company picks up parcels from a range of partners, including food and beverages, pharmacy and hardware items.

The drones do not need to land to deposit the package. Instead they hover while the parcel, secured to a tether, lowers and unclips itself at the door.

Delivery will continue as per usual in the rest of the nation’s capital.

Thousands of Canberrans use it each day and the lockdown has been particularly good for business, with the company reporting more than 10,000 deliveries in the territory since August.

Worried about a beak in your burger?

Wing has assured TND that food and drink will remain “untouched” by feathered foes, in the rare case the sneaky beaks attempt to tamper with the drones en route.

“In the unlikely event that a bird makes direct contact with our drone, we have multiple levels of redundancy built into our operations to ensure we can continue to fly safely,” Wing said.

The service prides itself on being eco-friendly, and has decided to pause deliveries in the area while seeking advice from ornithological experts to ensure minimal impact to birdlife.

And in good news for raven enthusiasts and wildlife advocates, Wing said no birds have been harmed during the swooping.