News Good News Paw-den me: Polite cats line up, follow social distancing guidelines

Paw-den me: Polite cats line up, follow social distancing guidelines

social distancing cats
These felines are dedi-cat-ed to flattening the curve. Photo: The Philippine Star/Twitter
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It seems no one is exempt from social distancing regulations – including stray cats.

A Filipino newspaper called The Philippine Star shared a snap of some spatially aware kitties abiding by the recommended two-metre distancing guidelines.

The furry felines took over the circles that had been marked out to ensure customers in Quezon City, north-east of Manilla, maintained safe social distances while shopping.

The cats proved they weren’t just kitten around, staying in the line for 10 minutes before wandering off.

According to I Heart Catsthe ‘if I fits, I sits’ philosophy is very common for domesticated house cats who often seek out small, tight spaces.

The tight spaces or, in this case, marked out circles, play on the cats’ desire for contact and concealment – despite the absence of any physical walls.

This philosophy has been tried and tested by internet users who regularly document their pets attraction to ‘cat squares’.

Another explanation is that these polite pussies have heeded the government’s advice and are practising safe social distancing.

Sources close to the cats say that while they have agreed to follow the distance regulations, they have collectively refused to participate in any form of hand washing involving water.