News Good News Why this cat’s hiding place is confusing all of the internet

Why this cat’s hiding place is confusing all of the internet

Obi the cat
Obi the cat is taking nonchalant pleasure in the confusion he's causing the internet with his favourite hiding spot. Photo: Marc Carney
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Meet Obi the cat.

Well, if you can find him that is.

Can you see Obi? Photo: Marc Carney

Yep, he’s pretty well in there.

Obi’s dad Marc Carney took a photo of his daughter’s excessive toy collection, and accidentally captured the feline in his happy place.

He posted it on Reddit, and now there’s a lot of bored, self-isolating people trying to find the cat among the pigeons toys.

If you still haven’t found Obi, here’s a clue to what he normally looks like.

Here’s a clue. The clue is Obi. Photo: Marc Carney

So why on Earth is Obi among this cluster of fluff?

Apparently he’s a big fan of hide-and-seek.

His family routinely hide his favourite toy – a hedgehog plushie – in the mountain of bears and their ilk.

Obi will dive in and find it and redistribute it somewhere else, only for it to be found by the humans of the household and put back in the pile.

OK, OK – here he is, in all his glory.

Ta-da! It’s a cat. Photo: Marc Carney