News Good News Adelaide’s YouTube sensation takes a driving lesson from ‘The Fixer’ Christopher Pyne

Adelaide’s YouTube sensation takes a driving lesson from ‘The Fixer’ Christopher Pyne

Defence Minster Christopher Pyne took Adelaide YouTuber Kieran Davidson on a driving lesson.
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For more than two years Kieran Davidson has been trying to improve his driving, and this time he’s called in one of Australia’s top politicians known as “The Fixer” to help.

The Adelaide learner driver, now 20, made waves online when a video of his stressful driving lessons with his parents went viral on social media.

His YouTube journey began when he decided to gaffer tape his camera to the dashboard of his parents’ white hatchback before they took him on his first drive.

The video has now been viewed more than 250 million times and has been featured in multiple countries and social media pages.

But this time the resilient learner has got back behind the wheel for another lesson, this time with Defence Minister Christopher Pyne.

Why is a politician giving driving lessons?

Mr Davidson said Mr Pyne agreed to do the driving video — posted on YouTube this evening — in an attempt to “fix his driving skills”.

He said that Mr Pyne seemed to enjoy the lesson, despite the obvious stress.

The pair drove around his neighbourhood and he believed he had already improved.

“I managed to get in contact with Christopher’s people and he agreed to do the video,” he said.

“There wasn’t really any scary moments. Mr Pyne was a very great teacher and actually helped me improve.”

Throughout the video, Mr Pyne said that he had had experience in teaching others to drive before but the drive with Kieran was on another level.

Mr Pyne took a jab at Mr Davidson, reminding him to be extra careful on the roads.

“The defence force would come down on you like a tonne of bricks,” Mr Pyne said.

“I don’t know about fixing your driving Kieran, a lot of people do say that you’re very bad.”

Mr Pyne also referred to his famous “fixer” comment which he made while the minister for education in a Sky News interview with David Speers in 2015.

Mr Pyne said David Speers won a Walkley Award for the interview and didn’t share it with him.

“Tell David Speers to give me my Walkley back,” he said.

Christopher Pyne tweeted a photo of himself travelling on a tram in Adelaide in January. Photo: Twitter/cpyne

Mr Pyne has been known for his presence on social media, with many of his posts gaining traction online, including a photo he posted while travelling on a tram between meetings in Adelaide back in January.

So, has his driving improved?

Despite numerous lessons, Mr Davidson has still not progressed onto a provisional licence since getting his learner’s permit in 2016.

But he did say he learnt a lot from Mr Pyne, who had more success than his parents did in teaching him.

“I think Christopher Pyne is an excellent teacher. He was nervous at first, but had some good laughs and actually made me improve quite a bit,” he said.

“I think he was more calm than my parents were but was still pretty scared.

“Overall I think Christopher taught me some helpful tips when stalling the car, changing gears, turning around corners and even parking abruptly.”

The video was initially filmed last Saturday morning, but Mr Pyne’s office had put its release on hold until it was approved today.