News Good News Wild elephant illegally crosses China-Laos border

Wild elephant illegally crosses China-Laos border

Elephant China-Laos border
An Asian elephant has crossed the China-Laos border only to return two hours later. Photo: YouTube
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A wild Asian elephant has caused a stir on the border between China and Laos when it casually flouted immigration control and stepped over the barrier between the two countries.

Taking advantage of the dark, the animal moved out of China’s southwestern Yunnan Province and crossed into neighbouring Luang Matha in Laos in the early hours of Saturday morning.

CCTV footage at a border-crossing checkpoint captured the elephant’s journey.

Watch the Asian elephant’s late-night tour below:

The elephant could be seen casually stepping over the barrier and continuing up the road as baffled border security looked on.

It returned two hours later to China unharmed.

According to Chahe border-crossing soldier Li Zhifu, seasonal changes and food shortages force the animals closer to civilisation.

“It’s winter now and there’s not a lot of food in the forest areas. We often see wild elephants hunting for food in nearby villages,” he said.

“This time, the elephant wandered around within our exit port but could not cause any harm because of our efforts.

“The elephant has now returned to the forest safe and sound.”

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