News Good News Mouth-to-mouth saves kitten found at sea

Mouth-to-mouth saves kitten found at sea

Charlie kitten
Medicos say Charlie is in good health. Photo: Facebook
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An Italian coastguard has successfully given CPR to a “motionless” kitten pulled out of the Mediterranean Sea.

A group of children notified authorities after spotting the kitten floating in the water near the port of Marsala in southern Italy.

According to the coast guard’s Facebook page, a crew member dived into the water and retrieved the “lifeless” cat before performing mouth-to-mouth and gentle chest compressions.

Kitten Charlie
Coast Guard has adopted the lucky kitten. Photo: Facebook

After a few minutes the cat began to expel water and finally let out a faint meow.

Once the boat returned to land the cat was checked by a vet, who declared it to be in good health.

The coast guard adopted the lucky kitty, naming him Charlie.