News Good News One couple’s distasteful, strange anniversary custom

One couple’s distasteful, strange anniversary custom

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An elderly couple that married in 1955 have been eating a bite of their unrefrigerated wedding cake on their anniversary every year since.

According to ABC News, Ann and Ken Fredericks of Satellite Beach, Florida, commemorate the day they wed each year by taking a bite of the decades-old dessert.

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Incredibly, they don’t keep the cake in a fridge. Instead, they keep it in a coffee tin in a room temperature closet.

Mrs Fredericks, 81 said her children are “appalled” at their custom, however they pour brandy over the cake to moisten it before they tuck in.

“Believe me, it’s quite tasty, as long as it’s got enough brandy on it. And it’s never made us sick,” she told Florida Today.

“It’s a little dry,” she added. “We just never thought of this as being unusual.”

A representative from a food safety service in the US told The Huffington Post the custom is probably not the best idea.

“We wouldn’t recommend practically any food that old,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said if it was kept in a freezer it might be safer, but would taste quite bad.

Mrs Fredericks, a retired nurse and Mr Fredericks, an ex-music teacher, met while at university in New York.

Watch them explain their secret to a long marriage below:

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