News Good News Muslim man asks strangers for hugs in Canada

Muslim man asks strangers for hugs in Canada

"I am Muslim I am labelled as a terrorist"
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A YouTube video posted by AsoOmii Jay shows a trio of Canadians conducting a social experiment that was designed to show people how Muslims feel in their own countries.

A blind-folded Muslim man stood in downtown Toronto with a sign asking strangers for hugs next to another one saying ‘I am a Muslim I am labelled as a terrorist’.

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While some people timidly looked on, the video also shows many people coming up to the man and giving him a warm hug (or at least a quick hug).

The creators of the video said they conducted the experiment to address the rise of Islamophobia and wanted to “break down the barriers and eliminate the fear and ignorance that is projected to Muslims and Islam and make an effort to eliminate stereotypes and Islamophobia”.

Similar to the #illridewithyou hashtag that started after the Sydney siege, the so-called “Blind Trust Project” is a heart-warming three-minute clip showing that some people aren’t judging Muslims on the actions of extremists.

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