News Good News Aussie music talent touts touching yourself

Aussie music talent touts touching yourself

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Divinyl’s frontwoman Chrissy Amphlett has been granted her final wish for the song “I Touch Myself” to be an anthem for women’s health.

A year after the Aussie rock legend lost her long battle with cancer and multiple sclerosis at the age of 53, Australia’s greatest female singers have united to re-record the number one hit for a good cause.

The black and white music video for the powerful new rendition is a catalogue of big names. The acapella version features Chrissy’s cousin Little Pattie alongside other home-grown stars Olivia Newton John, Kate Ceberano, Megan Washinton, Sarah McLeod, Katie Noonan, Sarah Blasko, Suze DeMarchi, Deborah Conway and Connie Mitchell.

In an article published in The Sunday Telegraph this week, widower Charley Drayton wrote that the project is about making sure Chrissy Amphlett’s legacy lives on.

“Chrissy voiced it clearly – she wished for all women to be mindful of themselves when they heard the tune; to be good to themselves, inside and out,” Mr Drayton said.

The song was commissioned by the Cancer Council NSW, and is the centrepiece of its new campaign to remind women to ‘touch themselves’ in order to notice any abnormal changes in breast tissue.

Kathy Chapman, Director of Cancer Programs at Cancer Council NSW, hopes the campaign will increase early detection rates of the disease.

“[D]etecting breast cancer early is the most important factor in beating this disease,” says Ms Chapman. “Through this campaign we are encouraging women to get to know their breasts better, to know what is normal for them and to participate in breast screening if they’re in the right age range.”

According to the Cancer Council NSW, one in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85.