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Friday Funnies

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This week, The New Daily office is laughing about:

The Aussie man who posted this “Lost Girlfriend” sign:




















This clever LG advertisement. Staged or not, this is marketing done right:

Buzzfeed got an American to try to explain cricket. Some highlights included:

Cricket is a little like baseball, but totally different in almost every way.

Except outfielders in cricket don’t use mitts, which I imagine stings quite a bit.

There’s also something called a popping crease. I think it’s the line the batter stands behind when he bats? Whatever it is, it sounds gross.

The fielding positions all have crazy names like “silly point” and “gully” and “cow corner.” It sort of seems like the announcer makes them up as he goes.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that cricket balls are way harder than baseballs. They’re essentially just throwing rocks at one another.

 The omg cats in space!!! tumblr page which offers absurdities like this:

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