Life Eat & Drink Fit for a Queen: The royal family shares Christmas pudding recipe

Fit for a Queen: The royal family shares Christmas pudding recipe

Royal Christmas pudding
Here's the Christmas pudding the Queen will be tucking into for dessert. Photos: Getty
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If there’s one thing the British royal family does well, it’s tradition.

This year, as a festive treat to the world, the Windsors have shared their long-held recipe for Christmas pudding.

It’s got all the usual suspects – dried fruits and citrus peel, spices – and a fair whack of booze.

Not just brandy, the royals also throw in beer and rum. Ooft.

“Today is #StirupSunday: traditionally the day when home cooks ‘stir up’ their Christmas pudding mixture,” the royal Twitter account posted.

Stir-up Sunday, the last Sunday before the season of Advent (which was November 22 in 2020, with Advent starting on November 29) has its roots in Anglican churches.

The Book of the Common Prayer declares the day with the phrase: “Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people”.

At some stage, that got translated into home cooks stirring up their Christmas puds for the season.

In 2019, Prince George showed how he mixes Christmas pudding, watched by his proud dad, grandfather and great-grandmother the Queen.

If it’s been done super traditionally, the whole family is involved, silver coins are dropped in the mix (for good luck) and the batter is stirred from east to west in a nod to the Three Wise Men, who visited Jesus in the manger.

A traditional pudding, particularly an English one, has to be made well in advance of the day, left to prime, and then reheated on the day – this development time gives it the chance to develop that irresistible aroma that can overcome even the fullest of bellies.

The Christmas pudding tradition apparently has royal roots, introduced by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

The Royal Family’s Christmas pudding recipe

250 grams raisins
250 grams currants
185 grams sultanas
150 grams mixed peel
250 grams suet or vegetarian suet
250 grams breadcrumbs
90 grams flour
12 grams mixed spice
Two whole eggs
180 grams demerara sugar
275 millilitres beer
40 millilitres dark rum
40 millilitres brandy

Makes two one-kilogram puddings

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