Life Eat & Drink Cool down with these icy summer treats

Cool down with these icy summer treats
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The sun is shining (well, mostly). The temperature is rising. We’re inviting family and friends over to celebrate in style.

Yep, it’s early summer, and there’s no better time to chill out at home with some sweet, sweet dessert.

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Try one of these great cold dessert recipes to make this season.

Ice cream cones at the movies

Raph Rashid shares the story behind how he created this ingenious sweet/salty treat while at the movies with his brother Rudin.

Halo-halo shaved ice drink

Just about every Filipino you meet does not just like halo-halo, they love it. Yasmin Newman explains why.

Gingerbread ice cream

Billy Law dishes up his recipe for aromatic, spicy, sweet gingerbread cookie ice cream. Festive!

Salted caramel ice cream


This decadent ice cream uses a specific salt for a very particular flavour and intensity.

Super healthy frozen fruit yoghurt

These quick, easy fruit desserts are a good mid-week treat without the calories by Tiffany Hall.

Easy strawberry granita

Jane Kennedy is the first to admit this recipe isn’t rocket science – but it’s luscious if you get the best strawberries.

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