Life Eat & Drink Fresh spring salad recipes for your next BBQ

Fresh spring salad recipes for your next BBQ

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After months of rugging up by the fire and enjoying indoor entertaining, we’re thrilled the season has turned and it’s time to head outside for some spring sunshine.

These six recipes from are perfect for sharing with friends at your next barbecue.

Light, lush, full of freshness, bold flavours and seasonal ingredients, it’s spring in a bowl.

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Hummus salad

We all love hummus but Jane Kennedy likes the idea of a salad using all the ingredients that go into hummus before it gets mashed up.

“Chickpeas are known in our house as ‘hummus balls’,” says Kennedy. “This is a tasty different salad with crunch.”


Salad of asparagus, broccolini, beans with sesame ginger dressing

Daniel Wilson’s pimped-up version of Japanese sesame spinach is an umami blast.

“This is a pimped-up version of the Japanese sesame spinach I love, served with the Dashi-poached eggs,” says Wilson. “I love my greens and this dish contains three of my favourites.”


Bamboo salad

This intriguing salad by Luke Nguyen is inspired by the markets of Myanmar. 

“Throughout the markets of Myanmar, I had seen street vendors selling cooked red bamboo,” says Nguyen. “I was intrigued as to where the red bamboo came from, until a local lady shared the secret with me.”


Fennel, artichoke and broad bean salad

This light, fresh, Greek-inspired salad by Lyndey Milan is a great addition to the table. 

In Greece, there are many salads without a lettuce leaf in sight,” says Milan. 


Thai beef salad

Ben O’Donoghue’s recipe for a Thai beef salad is a no-brainer detox meal with fresh flavours and plenty of heat.

I love the clean, fresh flavours, and the heat to get the heart pumping, plus it’s so quick to put together,” says O’Donoghue. 


Heart of palm salad

Heart of palm, or palm heart, is a versatile ingredient, which comes from the very tip of the coconut palm.

“I’ve been adding it to salads a lot lately, as I love its light, almost sweet flavour and its crunchy texture,” says chef Luke Nguyen.

Instagram your favourite salad! Tag @thenewdaily and we’ll repost the best! 

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