Life Easter in isolation: Five ways to celebrate from home

Easter in isolation: Five ways to celebrate from home

Here's how you can celebrate Easter in a time of social distance. Photo: Getty
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Whether you’re quarantining in Crown casino, or isolating on the couch wearing the same oversized T-shirt for the past nine days in a row, let’s face it – Easter will be a little different this year.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be bad.

Despite the closure of churches and the bans on social gatherings, preserving your Passover or Easter traditions is still possible.

Dress up

You bought that cute dress or shirt back in January (a lifetime ago), and you thought you’d have millions of opportunities to wear it.

And then we went into lockdown.

Well, now is your chance.

Break up the monotony of pyjamas, trackies and robes and don your Sunday best.

Getting dressed up is fun and has the power to lift our spirits – nothing says Easter chic like formal wear and slippers.

Capture the festive spirit with a fun outfit. Photo: Getty

Easter eggs

Whether you’re dyeing real eggs or hiding chocolate ones, Easter eggs are the stars of the holiday.

Since the Easter Bunny is officially an ‘essential service’, the time-honoured Easter egg hunt is back on.

But it doesn’t just have to be for kids.

If you’re isolating with other adults, give it a fun, boozy twist by making Easter egg jelly shots.

Prepare an Easter feast

On the list of great things about Easter, you can’t skip the food.

Many of us look forward to a big Easter feast, closely followed by a big Easter food coma.

Keep tradition alive with a fancy lunch – just plan ahead to make sure someone hasn’t panic-bought the ingredients you’ll need.

Alternatively, skip the stress and support your neighbourhood businesses by ordering in.

If the eggs are the stars of Easter, hot-cross buns are the moon.

Get into the spirit and try your hand at baking your own.


Social distancing and isolation means that many of us are unable to have the kind of holiday period we would like.

The holidays are usually a time to catch up with extended relatives and friends or attend cultural or religious services.

There are heaps of live-streaming services that will help you stay connected to the special people in your life.

You can even live-stream various religious services so you don’t miss out.

Stay connected by video chatting with family and friends. Photo: Getty

Create a new tradition

Every family has its unique, interesting and fun holiday traditions.

Since we are in new territory anyway, why not lean into it and make up a new tradition?

You can make a new dessert, invent a new game or even pick a film to watch on Netflix Party.

Who says Christmas has to get all the themed movies?

Creating a new tradition will be a great way to look back in the years to come on that one weird Easter we all spent in isolation.