Finance Work Workers ‘hot to trot’ on boosted super, industry chief tells politicians

Workers ‘hot to trot’ on boosted super, industry chief tells politicians

ian silk super increase
AustralianSuper CEO Ian Silk says the case is more urgent than ever for an increase in compulsory super to 12 per cent. Photo: AAP
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Workers are “hot to trot” over the need to increase the nation’s superannuation guarantee to 12 per cent and don’t want governments to tinker with the system.

The head of the nation’s largest super fund, AustralianSuper chief Ian Silk told the House economics committee on Thursday that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s warning about the economic “timebomb” of the nation’s ageing population was another reason not to freeze compulsory super contributions.

“We don’t have members turn up to briefings and say, ‘we don’t want any more super’,” Mr Silk said.

“The reverse is the case. They are very hot to trot on the issue. They’re telling me in loud and clear terms they want 12 per cent.”

Mr Silk was asked by Liberal MP Craig Kelly about the idea of allowing low-income earners to take the super guarantee increase now to help with a house deposit.

“I understand that, because who among us would confirm future consumption over current consumption?” he said.

“Particularly if you’re a modest income-earner and wages growth is pretty modest.

“But I would say this – that’s the sort of argument that was run in 1992, when the super guarantee was introduced, and the view taken then was it is important to take a long-term view.”

Mr Silk said the two most commonly raised concerns among members were how much super to have and how to stop the government tinkering with it.

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