Finance Work Bosses are still shouting at workers: survey

Bosses are still shouting at workers: survey

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Seven in 10 respondents reported having a boss who yelled at them. Photo: Getty
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Does your boss scream at you at work? You may not be alone.

A survey of 1237 Australian workers on Facebook in April found that 72 per cent reported having a boss who yelled at them.

Happening People, the company that published the results this week, said 70 per cent of respondents were female, which could mean shouting was especially rife – or resented – in that demographic.

“The results of the survey were appalling, in particular the behaviour of Australian bosses and this has a direct impact on organisational performance,” Happening People CEO Samuel Day said.

“Organisations have at their disposal a plethora of options available to them when it comes to strengthening their manager’s behaviour and performance.

“In particular leadership training, executive coaching and more broadly organisational strategic development.”

Overall, the largest number of respondents to the survey were aged 40-49.

The finding seems to clash with the increasing ‘gentrification’ of the workforce, as the old habits of screaming, boozing, smoking and sexism fall away.

Certainly, with the rise of workplace harassment lawsuits, you might think yelling would be less common.

So are the numbers wrong? Did the survey attract a bunch of Facebook users with a low tolerance for raised voices?

Or perhaps there is something bigger going on. Tell us your experience in the poll below.

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