Finance Consumer Toyota recalls thousands of its most popular cars

Toyota recalls thousands of its most popular cars

toyota recall fuel pump
Corollas are one of the largest groups in the recall.
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More than 45,000 of the country’s most popular vehicles have been recalled amid fears they might suddenly stall while driving.

The worldwide recall applies to a host of Toyota models sold between 2013-2019.

Affected vehicles include models of the Camry, Corolla, LandCruiser, Kluger, Hilux and Prado.

Product Safety Australia, which is managing the recall, said the fault was in fuel pumps, which might suddenly stop operating.

“If the fuel pump stops working, warning lights and messages may display on the instrument panel, and the engine may not run smoothly,” it said.

“This can result in the vehicle stalling and the vehicle may not be able to be restarted.”

If the pump fails while the vehicle is in motion, the loss of power might increase the risk of a crash, and therefore injuries to those in the vehicle and other road users.

Toyota will write to affected owners and repairs will be done for free.

Parts are expected to become available progressively from June 2020.

A full list of affected vehicles, including VINs, can be found here. The breakdown by models is as follows:

  • Camry 1436 vehicles
  • Corolla 6947
  • FJ Cruiser 2948
  • Kluger 22,982
  • Hilux 10,771
  • Prado 483
  • LandCruiser 116

More information is also available from a Toyota hotline: 1800 987 366 (Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm AEDT).