Finance Consumer Limited edition KitKat Gold has a $200 price tag on eBay

Limited edition KitKat Gold has a $200 price tag on eBay

The limited edition KitKat Gold has created the same hype as Cadbury's special edition Caramilk chocolate. Photo: Nestle
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Sellers on eBay are making a sweet profit from Nestle’s limited edition KitKat Gold, with boxes of the popular chocolate block selling for almost $200.

The sweet treat, which supermarkets usually sell for for $4.50 for a 170-gram block, has sent chocoholics into a frenzy, with people paying more than $16 for a block online.

Nestle’s famed KitKat recipe features crisp wafer fingers covered in creamy golden white and caramelised chocolate.

EBay has 54 listings for the chocolate on its website – with more than 10 bids on some.

A Nestle spokesperson told The New Daily the response from consumers to the limited edition KitKat Gold had been overwhelming.

“For those who want it permanently – we say ‘never say never’,” the spokesperson said.

Consumers are spending more than $100 on eBay to stock up on KitKat Gold. Photo: eBay

The spokesperson said Nestle was aware of people selling the gold edition on eBay, and thought it was “worth its weight in gold”. 

Earlier this year, a Cadbury special edition, Caramilk, sent shoppers into a similar frenzy when it was recalled after food grade plastic was found in some products.

This led to Caramilk being sold on eBay for more than $25 for a 190-gram block.

Comedian Christian Hull started a petition in February, begging Cadbury to keep Caramilk on the shelves. Now, though, he has said on Facebook that Caramilk is “dead to him”, as KitKat Gold is the “most delicious thing” he’s ever put in his mouth.



Posted by Christian Hull on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Mr Hull told The New Daily he hoped Nestle kept making the chocolate.

“My theory is that there’s designated space in factories for certain types of chocolates and it doesn’t seem to be cost effective for companies to keep producing them,” he said.

But he said he couldn’t understand why KitKat Gold was a limited edition.

“When I started my petition for Caramilk, I never heard boo squat from Cadbury,” he said.

“But I hope that Nestle keeps this on the shelves because it’s seriously delicious and people are going crazy for it. But I don’t want them to get their hopes up.”

Consumer expert Paul Harrison, from Deakin University, said the demand for KitKat Gold on eBay was due to scarcity behaviour from consumers. 

“People want that feeling of having something that others don’t and this is why people behave in this way, because they essentially have a fear of missing out,” Dr Harrison said.

“EBay is a perfect example of how people make emotional decisions in the moment, because it ramps up the pressure for consumers.”

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