Finance Consumer Clean sweep for Coles laundry powder in stain-scrubbing test: CHOICE

Clean sweep for Coles laundry powder in stain-scrubbing test: CHOICE

Coles' low-cost washing powder does a better job at removing stains than expensive brands. Photo: Coles
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Expensive washing powders may not be giving consumers the best value for money, with low-cost Coles product Ultra named the top-performing laundry detergent in the market.

Consumer group CHOICE tested more than 100 washing powders, with Ultra’s front loader product outranking OMO, Cold Power and Dynamo, among other popular brands.

OMO’s Ultimate, With A Touch of Comfort and Active Clean were a close second.

The Coles product also saves consumers money per washing load. It costs 16 cents a wash compared to the most expensive product tested – runner-up OMO Ultimate Front.

This is significant, as detergent makes up about half of the running cost of a washing machine, according to CHOICE.

The tests evaluated how effective each product was in removing difficult stains, plus which was best for the environment and best value for money.

CHOICE said the best laundry detergents should remove spills such as oils, tomato, and starches from clothing.

A Coles spokeswoman said its research showed the popularity of its own-brand products continued to grow.

She said the majority of Coles customers bought at least one home-brand product in the average shop.

CHOICE’s top 10 ranked washing powders

  1. Coles Ultra Front
  2. Omo Ultimate Front
  3. Omo With A Touch Of Comfort Front
  4. Omo Active Clean with Built In Pre-treatment Front
  5. Woolworths Clean Front
  6. Trimat Laundry Powder Sensitive Front
  7. Trimat Advanced Laundry Powder Regular Front
  8. Dynamo Professional Professional Liquid Front
  9. Dynamo Regular Liquid Front
  10. Trimat Advanced Laundry Liquid Regular Front

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