Entertainment Style Kirstie Clements: Coronavirus lockdown got you down? Here are my stuck-at-home survival tools

Kirstie Clements: Coronavirus lockdown got you down? Here are my stuck-at-home survival tools

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Large areas of New South Wales are now in coronavirus lockdown (I managed to move house from one hot spot to a worse one, a very impressive pandemic manoeuvre). So my newly unpacked and spectacularly arranged wardrobe is now virtually useless, bar the leggings and sweats.

Those mauve velvet sandals aren’t going anywhere, unless it’s to the 7/11 to buy Smith’s original potato chips, my favourite solace food.

Just as I was getting all inspired by the northern hemisphere digital fashion shows, all colourful and mad and highly creative, now I’m back to two breakfasts and fluffy slippers.

So, if it isn’t going to be the thrill of a silk parachute evening gown (Dior) or a brilliant jewel-coloured pantsuit (Christopher John Rogers) what other small luxuries in my house will see me through?

1. Gardening and house plants

There is something very soothing about tending to plants, pruning, planting, polishing leaves.

I’m a person who can kill an agapanthus (well, me and the council) but this lockdown will be spent nurturing my rosemary and communing with my geraniums.

I only have a terrace, mind you, but I will be gardening for Australia without a clue what I’m doing.

2. Long baths

I stocked up on fragrant aromatherapy oils, mud packs, milk powders and bath salts last year, so it’s time for a few stay-cays in the bathroom, surrounded by scented candles.

It is also wonderfully relaxing to browse online for all the gorgeous Australian-made beauty products that are available, and it does keep you away from the chocolate digestives for an hour or two.

3. At-home hair treatments

It’s somewhat ironic that one of the major COVID hotspots was the Joh Bailey salon in Double Bay, which saw a turnover of a spectacular 900 clients in a period of a few days, most of them blow-dries I suspect.

His clientele will be straight back to doing their own hair, quelle horreur, which is not a popular activity in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I can tell you.

This has caused quite a lot of jibes from Melburnians on Twitter, (I did laugh at one reference to ‘New South Air Head Road)’ but I can chuckle along with them because I live here, and I did not hastily pack the Range Rover and drive to Byron Bay on Friday.

Anyway, I am one of those said women who has not been able to master the art of blow drying my own hair, so it will be smothered in conditioner and wrapped in a turban for the unforeseeable future.

4. Facials

At-home charcoal masks, scrubs, pore treatments, and moisturising sheets, bring them on.

I could also pull out that inexplicable Gua Sha crystal that someone gave me, and hopefully roll away the years of stress and gravity showing on my face while lying supine on the couch watching Nordic noir.

Let’s see how much external hydration one person (or houseplant) can take.