Entertainment Style People are selling their soles for these $98,000 sandals

People are selling their soles for these $98,000 sandals

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Last week, we brought you news of Nike’s hands-free sneakers.

This week, there’s nothing free about the pricetag-heavy sandal from Birkin.

Birkin, of handbag fame, has released the Birkinstock – it’s got nothing to do with old faithful German brand Birkenstock, but it looks pretty darn similar.

Until you get to the price – they start at $44,000 and max out at over $98,000.

Bags were harmed in the making of this shoe. Photo: MSCHF

But you won’t be seeing them for sale in your neighbourhood shoe store.

Deliberately controversial Brooklyn-based group MSCHF have created the Birkinstocks to disturb people.

They started out by buying some $150,000 of Birkin bags (the entry-level bag is about $12,000, but they can fetch $200,000) – and promptly cutting them up.

“A Birkin bag is like an art object. It’s so sacred, you can’t damage it.”

Bentel went on to explain their Birkinstock project was to juxtapose the exclusivity of the Hermes Birkin bag, with the everyday footwear of the Birkenstock.

“The people that you see wearing Birkenstocks are not the same people you would assume own Birkin bags, and this is just punching those two ends of the spectrum together,” he said.

There are just 10 pairs of the Birkinstocks for sale, on a made-to-order basis.