Entertainment Style Hands-free shoes? Nike’s done it

Hands-free shoes? Nike’s done it

Looks like a pretty normal shoe. Until you see how it's put on. Photo: Nike
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Nike has made the act of getting dressed in the morning even easier, with the introduction of the hands-free shoe.

Enter onto your feet in one swift movement: The Nike GO FlyEase.

There’s no laces (they actually did away with them on the previous iteration) – all you do is step in.

A bistable hinge that runs along the middle of the shoe activates when your sole hits it, clamping the rest of the shoe around the wearer’s foot.

And you’re off.

Speaking of off, you can slip out of the GOs by stepping on the heel and activating the hinge again.

It’s probably easier to just show you how it works.

Photo: Nike

Sarah Reinertsen is the design lead on the Go FlyEase. She’s also the first woman with a prosthetic leg to finish the Ironman World Championships.

“If we could create something you didn’t need hands to get in and out of, it could help unlock those benefits for all,” Reinertsen said.

“There were engineering things we had to figure out.

“The bistable hinge. We’ve never put a hinge in a shoe. That was a piece of engineering that was really tricky to figure out.”

The GO FlyEase will be available for Nike members to buy first, on February 15, for $US120.

There’s plans to release it more broadly later in the year.