Entertainment Style Mariah Carey’s obscene engagement ring

Mariah Carey’s obscene engagement ring

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Singer Mariah Carey has a net worth of US$520 million and it turns out she’s wearing a significant proportion of it on her left ring finger.

When James Packer proposed to the 45-year-old mother of two he did it with a ring worth more than some waterfront houses in Sydney (and that’s saying something given the current property situation in Australia).

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In fact, according to jewellery expert Ben Bunda from Bunda Fine Jewels, the ring could have cost the casino mogul as much as US$4,058,000 (AU$5,797,000).

“This is a very special ring, as a 35ct diamond is incredibly rare. There is a very small production of significant size rough diamonds mined globally each year that could be cut and polished to a finished carat weight of 35cts and above, so the rarity of such a large stone adds to value. 

“While we don’t have all the specs about this diamond, to get an idea of value, we can look to recent diamond sales of similar size. In New York in December 2015 there was a sale of a 38.27ct Square Emerald Cut diamond ring for the value of US$4,058,000.”

Mariah Carey at the G'Day LA Gala. Photo: Getty
Mariah Carey at the G’Day LA Gala. Photo: Getty

For Packer, who is worth an estimated US$4.5 billion, the sparkler would barely have made a dent in his bank account.

Carey publicly debuted her giant rock on the red carpet at the G’Day LA Gala in Los Angeles on Friday, blinding those close to her and prompting many to question how she continues to lift her left hand up.

Carey's engagement ring in all of its 35-carat glory. Photo: Getty
Carey’s engagement ring in all of its 35-carat glory. Photo: Getty

Two people who may be especially shocked by the ring are Packer’s ex-wives Jodhi Meares and Erica Baxter.

When Packer proposed to Meares in 1999 it was with a $300,000 ring, while Baxter’s bling cost an estimated $250,000.

Jodhi Meares (left) and Erica Baxter wearing their respective rings. Photo: Getty
Jodhi Meares (left) and Erica Baxter wearing their respective rings. Photo: Getty

Add the US$4 million value of Carey’s rock to the US$250,000 a month she and Packer are reportedly paying to rent a new California love nest and you’ve got one very expensive union indeed.

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