Entertainment Style What you’ll be wearing (and avoiding) in 2016

What you’ll be wearing (and avoiding) in 2016

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Each season, we are presented with a raft of new fashion trends to pick and choose from, which is what keeps it interesting.

And frustrating.

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Because if you think you have your wardrobe all sorted, then think again.

Here are some key trends for 2016. Those with asterisks should be approached with caution.



Nothing to be frightened of here, pink is such a happy, inviting and feminine colour, and runs the gamut from palest praline pink to bright fushcia.

The lingerie slip look from Calvin Klein. Photo: Getty
The lingerie slip look from Calvin Klein can be beautiful, but beware the risks. Photo: Getty

Lingerie looks **

The long white silk slip dress is back, seen at its most beautiful at Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and Givenchy. This style of dress leaves nothing to the imagination and no room for pesky underwear options, say for example, a bra.

If you don’t resemble a young Kate Moss, beware.

Eclectic Romantic *

This is an extension of the crazy and playful geek chic aesthetic introduced by Gucci designer and man of the moment Alessandro Michele, a ragtag mix of luxe, boho pieces thrown together with abandon, each one beautiful and collectable in it’s own right and not representive of any particular trend.

There is an element of difficulty with this one – on the youthful, it looks fun and brave, the more mature of us could head into bag lady territory.

One well chosen item, such as a romantic blouse, or evening coat, could be all you need for an update. Gucci, Miu Miu, Dries Van Noten, Rodarte and Christopher Kane do it well.

The flat mule

The backless flat is the must-have shoe, cool and insouciant. Gucci introduced them last season, as a chic fur-lined leather loafer, and the trend has continued at Wang and Victoria Beckham (inspired largely by look of a Moroccan ‘babouche” slipper).

Low rise pants **

Wide, baggy pants that sit low on the hips are back, and watch out for the return of the low rise jean, aka muffin top territory.

Victoriana/ leg o’ mutton sleeves

It’s a beautiful, whimsical and very English silhouette (J.W Anderson, MacQueen, Erdem) , and the sheer drama of it makes it appropriate for any age. A large sleeve with a slim skirt or trousers is a perennial winner. The Celine wide-shouldered dress is a standout.

Trackies *

kanye west
Tracksuits are all about attitude. Just ask Kanye.

Gee they look great at Chloe and Vetements. God they look awful at Kmart. Mixing streetwear, such as athletic slides, parkas and tracksuits with high fashion is not as easy as it sounds, and reasonably difficult to pull off. It’s an attitude thing. Kanye’s onto it.


Lace shirts *

Again, the Gucci-led philosophy of gender fluidity in fashion is introducing brave and non traditional options (some may say foppish) for men, such as pussy bow shirts. Now we have lace shirting. Sexy or stupid? Discuss.

Bowling Shirts

Bowling shirts make the perfect barbeque attire.

What man won’t be happy about the return of the short sleeved bowling shirt (Vuitton, Lanvin)? They have a sort of sporty, Don Draper, ‘good to wear to a barbecue’ vibe that is perfect for the Aussie male.

Flares **

Just when you’ve had all your suits taken in and invested in those pin thin cropped trousers we are changing it up gentlemen (welcome to the maddening world of fashion schizophrenia that women have to put up with). Wide-legged, high-waisted pants are making a return (gorgeous at Berluti and Zegna). For a key seasonal statement, try the Hood by Air purple leather flares or the yellow floral at Acne. Or not.

The male jumpsuit ***

Could be amazing (Valentino, Givenchy, Balmain). British Formula One racing great James Hunt pulled it off. But then again, he was played by couldn’t-possibly-be-more-handsome Chris Hemsworth in the film Rush, so I would recommended using him as your muse. Tricky.

Close-up of pu-erh tea leaves

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