Entertainment Style Sandra Bullock’s new ‘bad boy’ model boyfriend

Sandra Bullock’s new ‘bad boy’ model boyfriend

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Sorry Speed fans young and old, Sandra Bullock is off the market again.

After a tumultuous split from ex-husband, professional drag-racer Jesse James in 2010, Bullock has found love again.

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Bullock ended it with James after it was revealed he was cheating on her. This time round, it looks like the 51-year-old is dating another “bad boy”.

The Oscar winner has been photographed with photographer and male model Bryan Randall, 49.

Several news reports out of the US have suggested Randall has a dark past, allegedly struggling with drug addiction. Randall also has a 22-year-old daughter.

Bullock is a bit of a departure for for Randall, if his romantic past is anything to go by – his last girlfriend, Paris St John, was 23 years old.

Paris St John and Bryan Randall in a photo from her Instagram.
Paris St John and Bryan Randall in a photo from her Instagram.

Bullock and Randall went public with their romance when they were photographed on a double date with Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux.

They reportedly met when Bullock hired Randall to photograph her son Louis’ birthday party.

Only one thing is certain at this stage: they make a damn good-looking couple.

Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall. Photos: Getty, Facebook
Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall. Photos: Getty, Facebook

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