Entertainment Style Our guide to Spring trends and how to wear them

Our guide to Spring trends and how to wear them

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I do love a change of fashion season, and nothing is more exciting than seeing the influx of sundresses, sandals and swimsuits that hint at the hot summer days and nights to come.

Once again, we are seeing some strong seventies influences – welcome ones. As opposed to the skintight denim pit suit but that might be there too and I’m just refusing to acknowledge it.

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What I will say yes to is the mid calf, flared skirt, often seen as a button through and very Jane Fonda in Klute in denim or suede (chopped fringes and long hair are also on trend, thanks to the other Jane that fashion refuses to forget, Jane Birkin).

Just as we all finally found the perfect boyfriend jeans, it has been decided that flares are back, but I will leave you and the size of your thighs to decide on the wisdom of that.

White is everywhere, in all guises from a simple white cotton shirt worn with jeans, to sheer or embroidered blouses and dresses and an oversized blazer worn open over black, or black and white stripe pants.

White is a summer perennial but can mean big dry cleaning bills, so my hint is to opt for cotton or linen blends that can be washed and ironed, and are much more economical.

Also fresh is the perfect light, bright blue cotton shirt, which looks fantastic with anything at all, from white jeans to a floral print fifties skirt.


If there is one accessory to have it’s a long skinny black silk scarf tied rock and roll style at the throat thanks to Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent – although I suspect we’ll be over that quicker than you can say “Kate Moss did it better ages ago” – but it’s not a big outlay for an instant update.

The shoe that will modernize all, day and night is the gladiator sandal, either flat or with a mid height block heel.

Handy hint – do not fall go for the cheaper versions that lace up the leg if they are not attached to a long zippered piece at the back. Gravity means they will not stay up unless you cut off all circulation and you will be the annoying person wailing, “wait for me” all night, as you try, unsuccessfully, to retie your shoes.

T Bar’s are the ticket when it comes to high heels, and they have come down a few centimetres, pretty much at a level that you can actually walk in.

Prints and florals look lovely as a romantic high-necked blouse, or on a floaty maxi length seventies style dress with long gathered sleeves (to be worn with aforementioned gladiators and a chunky layered fringe).

Embroidered peasant blouses are a hot ticket, as are shoulder bags on a long strap and oversized clutches, all seventies motifs that we can work our way around without too much pain.

For leather handbags, the loveliest colour of the moment is palest pale pink.

men’s-mood-boardAnd now for men. The khaki summer suit is your must have, slim fitted and not too try hard, like Bryan Ferry having a Pimms on a hot day

Not rolled mid calf either. Pant lengths are heading back towards the ankle.

I’m also going to put forward the idea of sandals worn with a suit, but the sandal has to be substantial and the suit cool, so attempt with caution.

Bomber jackets in fine suede, leather or cotton are on trend and, according to US GQ, so is tying a plaid shirt around your waist, grunge style.

You guys always get it easier than us. Try wearing a gladiator sandal when your legs swell.

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