Entertainment Style Forget #TheDress. Now it’s time for #TheShoe

Forget #TheDress. Now it’s time for #TheShoe

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Another seemingly simple style choice has sparked a fiery internet debate reminiscent of this year’s “DressGate” phenomenon.

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#TheDress: we solve the colour mystery

A teenage girl form Boston, Massachusetts, asked her Twitter followers for advice on which nail polish colour matched her shoes best – the left or the right?

Her original tweet now has over 6000 retweets and growing because no one can quite figure out the answer.

#TheShoe has since made news headlines all over the world and catapulted its owner, 14-year-old Ava Munro, to international fame.

To some people, the shoe best matches the purple-toned nail polish on the left, while others think it has more of a pink hue, like the nail polish on the right.

Of course, Twitter was quick to pick up on the fact this whole colour conundrum seems awfully familiar. In late February this year, an image of a dress went viral when it was discovered some people saw it as yellow and white, while others saw it as black and blue.

#DressGate reached a less-than-satisfactory conclusion when Buzzfeed tracked the dress down to discover that it was actually black and blue. Not clear yet whether #TheShoe will have a similar solution. Until then, the debate rages on…

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