Entertainment Style Why Melbourne men are Australia’s trendsetters

Why Melbourne men are Australia’s trendsetters

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Australian capital cities have long been engaged in a competitive battle to win various titles. Which city has the best coffee, best nightlife, best hotels or best city centre are all hotly debated year by year.

But we’re settling one debate once for and for all: Melbourne is home to the country’s most stylish men.

“It’s probably thanks to Melbourne’s European heritage and cooler weather,” Kirstie Clements, author and former editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, says.

“There is this culture of restaurants and cafes – not just beaches and pubs – which means you often see Melbourne men wearing things like mufflers, turned-up collars and other tiny touches that you don’t see anywhere else.”

In classic clothing with buckets of individual character, male Melburnians traverse the city’s tram lines and crowd in cafes with a style all their own.

Here, we bring you the fail-safe sartorial tips from some of Melbourne’s most stylish lads.

The Clerk: Andrew Murray, 23


His style philosophy: “Don’t think to hard about dressing in the morning.”

Andrew’s tip: “Attention to detail, like a pocket handkerchief, is an essential way to show your personality.”

The artist: Jeremy Pryles, 29

Sarah Louise Kinsella

His style philosophy: “I try to defy conventions.”

Jeremy’s tip: “When you find your own style, overdo it.”

The skater/professional: Kai Aitken, 32

The New Daily

His style philosophy: “Avoid looking like you belong in the 1990s with baggy suits.”

He says men should: “Tailor your suits.”

The artist: Jan Prasil, 23

The New Daily

Jan’s tip: “We busk four times a week and see people wearing different things, so my inspiration comes from mixing a bit of everything to create my own style.”

Jan’s tip: “Invest in a good pair of shoes.”

The student: Nick Brookes, 20


His style philosophy: “I always dress like I have somewhere to go.”

Nick’s tip: “Avoid baggy clothes.”

The executive: Rick Clark, 64


His style philosophy: “I spend a little bit of extra money to get a polished look.”

Rick’s tip: “Keep your weight down.”

The renovator: Martin, 44


His style philosophy: “Fashion can be cheap and if you have a good eye, you should shop at op-shops.”

He says men should: “Mix and match your favourites from op shops.”

The fashion student: Leon Han, 23

The New Daily

His style philosophy: “Vintage is back and you should keep that in mind.”

Leon’s tip: “Dress edgy, funky and cool with lots of freedom – look to London for inspiration.”


-with Susannah Guthrie, photos by Sarah Kinsella