Weather Weather bureau’s elves predict Santa won’t need his winter woollies

Weather bureau’s elves predict Santa won’t need his winter woollies

Christmas weather
Santa should pack some beach gear when he touches down in Australia. Photo: Getty
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The Christmas wish of many Australians appears to be granted with good weather forecast for much of the country on December 25.

The Bureau of Meteorology released its official Christmas Day forecast on Sunday promising warm and dry weather for the majority of the country.

The BoM’s Jackson Browne said a high-pressure system moving east to west across southern Australia will lead to mild and settled conditions.

But he warned that thanks to tropical moisture coming in from Indonesia and the Coral Sea, there was a chance of rain and storms for the northern half of the country, especially far north Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The mercury in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide should peak between 24 and 30 degrees.

Perth residents will be sweating a little more, with an expected top of 34 degrees.

That’s the same top as Darwin, where there will be a shower or two.

Mr Browne said it would be hot across the interior of the country, including a top of 39 degrees in Alice Springs, with the heat extending north into Western Australia.

Cooler minimum temperatures mean people shouldn’t expect heatwave conditions.

In Hobart, the maximum expected temperature is 23 degrees.

“The mostly settled weather also means it won’t be too windy, except for those locations that might see a storm or two,” Mr Browne said.

“For those on the beach or on the water, seas and swell look fairly calm across most of the country.”

The BOM emphasised that the forecast could change.

“We know Australians eagerly await our Christmas Day forecast,” Mr Browne said.

“Should Christmas lunch be inside or outside, will the surf be safe for a swim? Will it be wet on the roads?; these are just some of the questions we help you answer each year,” he added.

Capital city Christmas day forecasts

  • Sydney – A maximum of 30 with the slight chance of a shower
  • Melbourne – A partly cloudy day with a possible high of 24 and a chance of a shower
  • Brisbane – A shower or two with a high of 29
  • Adelaide – A mostly sunny day with a maximum of 32
  • Perth – A hot and sunny day with a high of 34
  • Hobart – A high of 23 on a partly cloudy day with the slight chance of rain
  • Darwin – A tropical day with a chance of a storm and temperatures between 25 and 34
  • Canberra – A partly cloudy day with a chance of a shower and a top of 33.