Weather Extraordinary ‘warm winter’ weekend coming up for NSW and Queensland

Extraordinary ‘warm winter’ weekend coming up for NSW and Queensland

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It's an unusually warm winter weekend ahead for Australians in the north-east coast. Photo: Getty
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Australians in Queensland and New South Wales can look forward to unusually warm weather this week, with some temperatures rising as high as 30 degrees.


A Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) duty forecaster told The New Daily the north-western parts of NSW will have warmer temperatures, with some recording as much as 10 degrees above their July average.

He said the hot spots include Bourke, Cobar and Broken Hill, with Sydney not far behind, due to hit the low 20s on Friday and Saturday before reaching a Sunday maximum of 26.

“This is quite rare,” the BoM forecaster said, adding “it’s certainly quite significant”.

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Sunday could be Sydney’s warmest July day in almost 30 years. Photo: Getty

Weatherzone went so far as to forecast that Sydney could experience its warmest weekend in 27 years.


Meanwhile, the hottest areas of Queensland this weekend will likely be the inlet areas in the south-west.

Birdsville will hit 30 degrees from as early as Thursday and will maintain this maximum for three days straight, before the temperature drops to a warm 27 on Sunday.

Roma will experience a peak temperature of 28, while high 20s are forecast for Charleville with a high of 29 on Saturday.

Brisbane will remain sunny throughout the remainder of the week, with high 20s to look forward to this weekend.

What makes the heatwave more shocking is the fact that Brisbane recorded its coldest morning in two years as recently as Monday.

The city dropped to 5.9 degrees at 5.40am on Monday, while Brisbane Airport got chilly with a minimum of 4.3 at 5am.

The BoM duty forecaster said the atypical weather could be explained by a high pressure system which has lingered over the eastern parts of Australia, moving the clouds away.

As the ground heats up, day-by-day the temperature continues to rise.


However, the Garden State might not be as fortunate as the more northerly regions of the country.

Melbourne will experience mild temperatures at best, with maximum temperatures averaging at 14 throughout the remainder of the week, with a maximum of 19 on Saturday.

Melburnians will have a break from showers between late Friday and early Saturday.

Click here for BOM updates to this weekend’s weather forecast in all of Australia’s major cities.

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