Weather Winter weather a thing of the past for Sydney

Winter weather a thing of the past for Sydney

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Sydney has always had bragging rights as the warmer city in the Melbourne versus Sydney battle, but it now appears that winter for Sydneysiders is a thing of the past.

The last two winters in Sydney have been unseasonably warm, with today’s temperature of 25 degrees reflecting that of late spring to early summer.

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Last July in Sydney broke records with 23 days above 18 degrees, and this July has seen a new record of 24 days above 18 degrees.

So could it be that winter is a thing of the past for Sydney?

Bureau of Meteorology senior climatologist Agatha Imielska says that this could be the case.

“With climate change, we definitely expect temperatures to get warmer. That is what we’ve experienced so far for Sydney with temperatures increasing,” says Ms Imielska.

“As the temperature trend continues, it’s expected that we’ll see more warm conditions.”

“This is definitely a spring-like winter, which is what we saw last year,” she says of the record-breaking temperatures.

The spring-like weather isn’t being enjoyed by the city, with the New South Wales coastline seeing warmer temperatures due to warmer sea surface temperatures.

Melbourne facing cold front

It may be a sunny 25 in Sydney, but Melbourne is suffering through a 16 degree day with strong winds whipping through the CBD.

Ms Imielska says that the difference in temperatures between the cities is a large cold front that is moving across the eastern part of Australia.

“Purely because Melbourne is further south, they get to bear a lot more of the brunt of the cold air. They will get that cold air before Sydney does,” she says.

“We will still feel the effect of the cold front coming through, with the temperatures dropping from 25 to 17 degrees tomorrow.”

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