Sport Tennis Bernard Tomic: my side of Miami arrest story

Bernard Tomic: my side of Miami arrest story

Bernard Tomic
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Bernard Tomic has given his side of the story, after reports emerged he’d been arrested for hosting a loud party in his Miami hotel room.

Sunrise journalist Mike Amor spoke to Tomic after he was released from police custody on bail. He said Tomic told him he felt he’d been harshly done by.

Tomic arrested after wild party
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bernard tomic mugshot arrest
Tomic’s mugshot after arrest and being released on bail. Photo: Miami Beach Police Department

The tennis star was arrested at his $9000 penthouse at the W South Beach Hotel because he allegedly refused to turn down loud music and leave the hotel.

Tomic told Amor he was asleep when security guards initially knocked on the door of his suite to notify the group of the noise complaints.

He said his friends were playing the loud music and that they fully complied with securities requests. But security returned later and got involved in an argument with Tomic because he claimed he’d not turned the music up again.

That’s when police were called to remove the Australian from the hotel.

This is when Tomic started to feel hard done by, said Amor. Tomic says he was gathering his belongings to leave the hotel, but the police felt he wasn’t doing so quickly enough.

While being hurried along by the officers, Tomic told them to “relax” which led to him being handcuffed and forcible ejected from the building.

The 22-year-old said he spent “some hours in two separate jails” and realised the incident was a “mistake”.

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