Sport Tennis The Open Daily Deuce: day 13

The Open Daily Deuce: day 13

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As we end the near of the tournament, the matches are few and far between but the atmosphere and excitement is slowly building.

In our Australian Open column, The Daily Deuce, we reflect on the drama you might have missed on and off the court, as well as the sartorial triumphs and missteps of the sporting elite.

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Tennis stars audition for Commando remake

Our friends at the Wall Street Journal came up with the slightly offbeat idea of making tennis stars look like action heroes. They’ve used digital filters to make our favourites look, well, scary. Click here to have a look.

Mad Muzz

Speaking of tennis stars as action heroes, a big shout out to Nial Smith, who’s turned Andy Murray into ‘Mad Muzz’. Will he be victorious on Sunday night?

Aussie Jelena sends good vibes

Sensing that her husband Novak Djokovic was in trouble during his epic five-setter with Stan Wawrinka on Friday night, Jelena Djokovic tweeted her support to try and give her man some energy.

It worked, of course, but what really impressed was Mrs Djokovic’s uggies. If she keeps that up, she may well be getting embraced as ‘Aussie’ Jelena, in much the same way we took ‘Aussie’ Kim Clijsters under our wings all those years ago.

Novak cheats death … again Is there a player that can look more finished than Novak Djokovic and still find a way to win? During his near-six hour final with Rafael Nadal in 2012, Djokovic looked dead and buried more times than John Rambo before emerging victorious. At times against Wawrinka he looked like one of those hapless marathon runners stumbling into the arms of support crew at the finish line. The result? A Djokovic win of course, 6-0 in the fifth if you don’t mind. We reckon he’s got a great sense of theatre. Comedian Dave Hughes has noticed too.

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