Sport Tennis The Australian Open Daily Deuce: day 10

The Australian Open Daily Deuce: day 10

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In our Australian Open column, The Daily Deuce, we reflect on the drama you might have missed on and off the court, as well as the sartorial triumphs and missteps of the sporting elite.

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Here’s what got people talking on day 10 …

One Direction’s sixth member?

Somewhat randomly, One Direction member Niall Horan appeared in the crowd during Andy Murray’s Tuesday night match against Nick Kyrgios.

The Irish boy band member’s appearance generated buzz for a number of reasons, and not just for his mega-fame among the teen set.

2015 Australian Open - Day 9

Mainly, he captured social media attention after he was snubbed by Kyrgios in a fairly minor way (you can see the snub below).

Kyrgios smoothed it over, however, by tweeting Horan after the match. Great sportsmanship.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.53.43 pm

Now that’s resolved, it’s time to raise a bigger question – why in God’s name was Horan there at all?

The 21-year-old is apparently in Australia for his holidays and felt the urge to support one of his fellow Brits.

Which leads us to another question – could Murray potentially be eligible for a position in the band?

He’s only six years older than most of the members and he possesses the requisite charming accent and jaunty fashion sense.

We can see it now…



Raonic’s affair

We’ve addressed a lot of lookalikes in the Daily Deuce series, but this might be the most unexpected one yet.

Is it just us, or does Milos Raonic, the 24-year-old big hitter from Canada, look a lot like Ruth Wilson, British star of breakout television series The Affair?

That same ski-jump nose, those deep set eyes and that upturned mouth – they could at least pass as siblings.


Rock it

Ah, Kim Sears. She of the flawless hair. If you don’t know who we are referring to, Sears is the artist fiancee of Andy Murray.

She is also the best-dressed and most perfectly coiffed woman in Rod Laver Arena and possibly the world.

One thing we hadn’t noticed until now, however, is another particularly sizeable asset Sears possesses.

During Murray’s Tuesday night match against hometown favourite Nick Kyrgios, Sears displayed an array of emotions, ranging from jubilance to intense concern (she nailed both).

She also displayed something fairly large on her left hand – her engagement ring.

You did good, Murray. You did real good.

2015 Australian Open - Day 7

Young guns

Just in case you didn’t feel inadequate enough watching the pros smash their way through three-hour long matches, consider that these two people are only 19 years old:

kyrgios keysThat’s Madison Keys of the United States on the left and our own Nick Kyrgios on the right. Both of them made it to the quarter-finals and Keys knocked out Venus Williams on Wednesday to progress to the semis (Kyrgios lost to Murray).

Pretty impressive stuff.

Just to re-emphasise their age, here’s a list of things that are, surprisingly, older than both Keys and Kyrgios.

Justin Bieber (20 years old)

Grand Opening Of West Coast Customs Headquarters In Burbank, California

 The Lion King movie (came out in 1994)


Friends (started in 1994)


OJ Simpson’s murder case (started in 1994)


Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (released in 1991)


Feel old yet?

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