Sport Tennis Explainer: Who is Nick Kyrgios and where is he from?

Explainer: Who is Nick Kyrgios and where is he from?

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While most of the country was sleeping last night, 19-year-old Nick Kyrgios from Canberra took out tennis world no. 1 Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon.

Kyrgios has been hailed the next star of tennis, with many commentators claiming that the young gun could take the Wimbledon crown.

• Young gun Kyrgios overpowers Nadal

So who is this rising star? We get to know Nick Kyrgios a little better.

Who is he?

Dubbed a ‘teen sensation’ and ‘hotshot in waiting’ by international media, the Canberra native has remained relatively unknown to Australians.

• Kyrgios could win Wimbledon say greats

Kyrgios, born to a Greek father and Malaysian mother, has been quietly winning titles since the age of 15, making his junior Grand Slam debut at the Australian Open at the age 16.

With a ranking of 144, the teenager only made it through to this year’s Wimbledon on a wildcard entry, according to a Daily Mail report.

The young Australian said the past week has been the best week of his life.

‘I’m a normal kid like any 19-year-old who likes to play on his Xbox. The big stage is something I thrive on,” said Kyrgios.


Kygios’s family have been his proudest supporters, with the teenager known to be close to his parents and older brother and sister.

His mother Nill told Fairfax media this week that she missed her son and wished he would move from Melbourne where he is based back to his hometown of Canberra.

“He’s got people here … being in Melbourne isn’t the same, it’s not the same as being with your family,” his mother told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Kyrgios’s mother told ABC this week that she was too nervous to watch his match with Nadal because she would be too upset if he lost.

Career so far

Kyrgios has been playing tennis since the age of four, with his former coach Andrew Bulley telling ABC News Breakfast that he was always determined even as a youngster.

While only beginning to make waves on the professional circuit, the 19 year old has had a successful career as a junior tennis player.

Last year he gained the junior number 1 ranking and entered the 2013 Australian Open competition as the junior number three seed.

The young Australian has played at the US Open, the French Open and Wimbledon.

Twitter reaction

Twitter is abuzz with celebration for Kygios’s stunning win over Nadal, with many calling it remarkable and incredible win.

Overseas newspaper reaction

Newspapers around the world are celebrating the teenager, with the UK’s Express labelling him a “hotshot in waiting” and the Huffington Post calling him “the dynamic Canberra kid”.

The Times of India has also marvelled at Kyrgios’s win, calling his victory “fearless”.

“It was a performance of brutal inventiveness and uninhibited bludgeoning,” said the report.