Sport Tennis Meet the stars – Kei Nishikori

Meet the stars – Kei Nishikori

Kei Nishikori
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Ranked number 17 in the world, 24-year-old Kei Nishikori has proven himself to be a rising star in recent years. With excellent on-court speed and youth on his side, Nishokori is currently Asia’s top player in the sport.

The softly-spoken star speaks to The New Daily about chilling out with casual dinners and a hit of golf.

Do you have any good luck charms?

No, not really!

If you win a match what do you do to celebrate?

A good dinner with my team. I don’t do too much (laughs).

If you could only win one grand slam title, what would it be?

I would say Australia! Or the US Open.

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

I love to see soccer. I play golf myself, I don’t watch it but I play it.

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing tennis?

I love to play sports so I guess I would be a soccer player.

What has been the toughest moment in your career so far?

I had elbow surgery in 2009. I couldn’t play for one year so that was the toughest time.