Sport Sport Focus CCTV footage clears Venus Williams of unlawful behaviour in fatal car crash

CCTV footage clears Venus Williams of unlawful behaviour in fatal car crash

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Venus Williams entered the intersection "lawfully", police say. Photo: Getty
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A new video may have absolved tennis star Venus Williams of any fault in a car accident that led to the death of a 78-year-old Florida man.

CCTV footage of the traffic crash reveals the Grand Slam champion lawfully entered the intersection on a green signal at the site of the crash near her home in Palm Beach.

An earlier police report had deemed Ms Williams “at fault for violating the right of way” in the June 9 crash when she collided with the smaller Hyundai Accent driven by Linda Barson, 68.

The CCTV footage shows Ms Williams had to hit the brakes of her Toyota Sequoia in the middle of the intersection to avoid colliding with another car making a left turn.

In a statement, Palm Beach Gardens Police Department said the video then showed Ms Barson, who was traveling west, collided with the front of Ms Williams’ vehicle.

“Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal,” the statement said.

“This updated information, based upon new evidence, is still under investigation.”

Watch here (Williams is driving the black SUV)

The family of Jerome Barson, who was a passenger in Ms Barson’s vehicle and killed in the car crash, have filed a “wrongful death” lawsuit against the tennis star.

The 78-year-old died from sustained injuries in hospital on June 22, according to the Palm Beach Examiner’s office.

The suit said he died of injuries including “severed main arteries, massive internal bleeding, a fractured spine and massive internal organ damage”.

The Barson family’s attorney, Michael Steinger issued a statement on Friday saying the video, “continues to support the fact that Ms Williams remained in the intersection at a red light, violating the Barsons’ right of way”.

Williams’ attorney, Malcolm Cunningham countered and said Ms Barson was at fault.

“Williams had the right to proceed through the intersection and other vehicles including those with a red light changing to green, were obligated to yield the right-of-way,” Mr Cunningham said, according to Reuters.

“She remains deeply saddened by the loss suffered by the Barson family and continues to keep them in her thoughts and prayers.”

Ms Williams won her third-round match at the Wimbledon tournament in England on Friday.

The 37-year-old is seeded 10th at what is her 20th Wimbledon event. She won the title in 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008.

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