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Motivational tips from Michael Clarke’s wife

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Kyly Clarke’s first book, True to You, has arrived, promising to enhance the ‘mind, body and spirit’ of readers.

Clarke, who founded brand Lyfestyled, has penned a 178-page novel through publisher Pan Macmillan that retails for $24.99.

The publisher says the book will “help you develop deep and compassionate relationships and (will) inspire you to pursue a meaningful career”.

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The book is on sale now. Photo: Pan Macmillan
The book is on sale now. Photo: Pan Macmillan

They add: “Kyly explores what is important in life, how to achieve your goals, and, most importantly, finding acceptance for who you are.”

The book, full of personal anecdotes and uplifting quotes, focuses on three key areas: Mind, Body and Spirit, Relationships and Career.

It also includes a touching tribute to her husband and ex-Australia cricket captain, Michael Clarke.

In the many motivational statements included, Clarke quotes herself alongside the likes of Confucius, the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Eleanor Roosevelt, Vincent Van Gogh and Benjamin Franklin.

Among the inspirational advice she offered was that thoughts alone could change the outcome of a situation and that feelings came from within, not other people.

The quotes cosy up to images of the model chilling outside with a book, sifting through salad and sitting at a laptop computer.

Tribute to husband Michael

Clarke also makes a dedication to her husband and the father of her daughter, Kelsey Lee.

The Clarke's celebrate after Australia's 2015 World Cup win. Photo: Getty
The Clarkes celebrate after Australia’s 2015 World Cup win. Photo: Getty

The pair, who went to school together, tied the knot in May 2012 at a secret Blue Mountains ceremony.

“To my dearest husband, together we make anything possible and as a team we can fly,” she wrote.

“I love knowing you are always by my side.

“Your enduring love and support makes this wonderful life even more blissful.

“Waking next to you every morning is what puts a smile on my face.”

Beware of the fakes

Unfortunately for Clarke, her motivational tips – which include lines such as “You can either be happy or right: you choose” and “The more you struggle against the river of life, the less it flows in your favour” – have become fodder for online pranksters.

Digitally altered photos of pages designed to mock Clarke’s book were produced on Twitter on Monday.

The New Daily was only able to identify the images below as fakes due to the continued presence of the same letters on the page opposite.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.16.03 pm

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.15.33 pm


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