Sport Sport Focus Hall of shame: Infamous sporting moments

Hall of shame: Infamous sporting moments

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Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez is front row centre yet again, after he appeared to take a bite out of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in his country’s 1-0 World Cup win.

It’s the latest in a long line of indiscretions for the 27-year-old and – incredibly – his third biting fracas.

But sport’s hall of shame is long and undistinguished. We take a look at some of the more infamous moments of madness in the sporting realm.

Dennis Lillee v Javed Miandad

Dennis the menace didn’t come out of this one smelling like roses. In fact, he comes out with a decidedly different fragrance. After moving across Miandad’s line when the Pakistani was attempting a run, he then aims a kick in the batsman’s direction while the umpire was between them. If that wasn’t poor enough form, Lillee almost runs a mile the other way when Miandad threatens to throw a little willow his way, before he finally gets brave.

Andrew Golota v Riddick Bowe

Poland’s Golota was an undefeated contender in July 1996 when he first crossed paths with former champion Riddick Bowe. Over the course of the fight, he systematically dismantled the champ with hard punches to the head, and a liberal sprinkling of shots to the groin. In round seven the sprinkling became too liberal for referee Wayne Kelly, who disqualified Golota. The ensuing riot became part of boxing folklore, as did the way Golota somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of almost certain victory. If that wasn’t bad enough, he did exactly the same thing five months later in the rematch – disqualified for hitting Bowe south of the border.

John Hopoate v Keith Galloway

Not, perhaps, what you were expecting from Hoppa’s, ahem, entry into this list. For a man who gained notoriety for sneaky displays of back-end digital proficiency (as far as we know he’s never worked in web design), it had to take something special to usurp that. This hit on Keith Galloway, which earned him a 17-match ban, certainly did that.

Roy Keane v Alf-Inge Haland

Keane had a long memory. To this day, his punditry is equal parts insightful analysis from a man who has scaled the heights in world football and scathing recriminations on every man who ever wronged him during his career. Alf-Inge Haland was playing for Leeds against Manchester United the day Roy wrecked his anterior cruciate ligament, and he went over and had a word to the United captain about going down faking injuries. Four years later, Roy saw his chance when Haland was at Manchester City. He took it.

Vinnie Jones v the world

English football’s loosest cannon – Jones was as hard and maniacal as they come. In this instructional video, Vinnie shares his insights into hurting attacking players as sneakily as possible. A consummate performer, he’s since gone on to carve out a successful career in films. Playing hard men, would you believe.

Leigh Matthews v Neville Bruns

On of the AFL’s greatest ever players wasn’t above getting his hands dirty. His behind the play, sucker-punch on Neville Bruns saw his registration cancelled for a month and also landed him in court charged with assault. Bruns suffered a broken jaw in the incident, while Matthews was left with an indelible blot on his stellar CV.

Mike Tyson v Evander Holyfield

At first glance it looked as though Mike Tyson was attempting to whisper sweet nothings to Evander Holyfield, but the latter’s reaction wasn’t quite so sedate. The footage has been seen ad nauseam, so better to have a listen to both men discuss the sordid affair over a cup of tea with Larry King.