Sport Rugby League Rugby League fans hit back at Wally Lewis over crude sexist joke

Rugby League fans hit back at Wally Lewis over crude sexist joke

Wally Lewis cracks a sexist joke on national television. Photo: 9News
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Widely revered rugby league legend Wally Lewis has been slammed for making a sexist joke about a lewd act on national television at the expense of a female NRL star.

During the NRL Footy Show‘s ‘Joking Off’ segment, Lewis was paired with Jillaroos star Allana Ferguson.

The first to make the other laugh would be declared the winner.

“I’m going to do the next one with no teeth,” Ferguson said, as she prepared to read a funny phrase from a card.

But before she had the chance, Lewis quickly cut in saying “it always feels better that way,” with a smile.

Ferguson maintained composure, while eyeing off the host in shock at Lewis’ crude joke. She shook her head in disbelief and continued on with the segment.

Watch the joke:

The camera panned to the audience, revealing stunned host Erin Molan.

Her male co-hosts Beau Ryan and Darryl Brohman reacted by laughing, evidently amused.

Lewis’ comments sparked outrage from some viewers who were unable to see any humour in the innuendo.

“This is why the NRL can’t attract families to the sport,” one Twitter user said. “Disgraceful comments. No respect.”

But others defended the rugby league legend, saying that people should “lighten up”.

These viewers argued that the purpose of the segment was to make people laugh.


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